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Find Your Sacred Remote with the TV Remote Detector Gadget

This super clever TV Remote Detector Gadget sorts out your tv control problems by offering a handy detection! We all know how frustrating it is when your remote is nowhere to be seen and it always seems to happen when you need to switch off the girlfriends rubbish reality shows.

You get 3 finder gadgets in each pack. Each finder is battery operated and comes with an adhesive sticker. Simply attach a finder to a remote. Then when you can’t find it just give a whistle and the remote finder will beep. Just follow the beep to locate your remote control!

TV Remote Detector Gadget Details:

  • 3 in a pack for 3 separate remotes
  • Have On/Off switch
  • Each finder requires 2 x LR41 (included)
  • Peel off adhesive sticker and place finder onto a remote
  • Finders will beep when you whistle
  • Attach one to your TV, DVD and Satellite controller, any remote you like
  • Each finder measures approx 3.2 cm in diameter x 1.5 cm
  • Please note that this is not a toy. Not suitable for young children

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