Trekbot Remote Control Rolling Robot Pet


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The Trekbot Remote Control Rolling Robot Pet is the coolest little robot in town. You can control these cool USB toys forwards, backwards, left, right and stop. These robo pets may be small, but they can sure shift speed across flat surfaces at 1 foot per second to be precise! They are also pretty clever as well and can remember the last direction control button that was pressed, which means you won’t get finger pain from having to continuously hold the buttons!

These Trekbot Remote Control Rolling Robot Pet make hilarious desktop toys that give up to 15 minutes continuous play from a full charge. You can have great fun perfecting spinning, rolling and flipping these little critters all over the place. These speedy micro racers love racing about, so much so that if you leave these bots idle, they’ll flash their little heartbeat eyes at you, to remind you that they are still active and raring to go!

Trekbot Remote Control Rolling Robot Pet Features:

  • Available in Black and Clear (please choose from the dropdown box above)
  • Controlled and recharged by a 5 button retractable USB controller
  • Trekbot can be remote controlled to move Forward, Backward, Left, Right and to Stop
  • Perform tricks, such as headstands and flips!
  • Each colour has a different frequency, which allows for races and battles
  • Flashing heartbeat eyes pulse when Trekbot is idle
  • Trekbot measures approx 7.5 cm x 6.5 cm x 6.5 cm
  • To charge, simply plug the USB connector wire into the Trekbot and the USB into a port (Instructions included)
  • Internal LiPo battery allows for 15 minutes of continuous play from a 30 minute charge
  • Remote controller uses 3 x AG13 button cell batteries (included)
  • Trekbot remembers the last button pressed so no need to keep your fingers on the control buttons!

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