S109G Syma Radio Controlled Attack Helicopter


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As close to a real American Apache Helicopter as you can get, the S109G Syma Radio Controlled Helicopter will bring fear and despair into your enemies' hearts!

This top range rc helicopter is almost as intricately detailed as a real Apache helicopter, with flashing LED lights and search lights, and a full set of wheels. Its premium gyro system ensures that it remains stable whilst in flight, and its three channel function means that it can be used with up to two other helicopters without interference, on other radio channels.

The S109G rc helicopter also comes with a double protection system which results in the craft's power automatically stopping if one of the blades is obstructed. We know how much of a pain it can be charging remote controlled vehicles, so this model comes with a USB charging cable to allow charging from your laptop or computer if you'd prefer not to juice it up via the transmitter.

S109G Syma Radio Controlled Helicopter Features and Specifications:

  • Length: 22cm, Width: 7cm, Height: 9.5cm.
  • Includes a transmitter charging cable and a USB charging cable.
  • Comes with gyro technology, resulting in a stabler and more comfortable flight.
  • Double protection: helicopter flies more safely, as it will power off when its rotors become choked.
  • Flashing LED lights with search light function.

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