Rastar Radio Controlled 1/14 Scale Range Rover


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Now you can own a remote controlled car that's not only realistic but luxurious: the Rastar Radio Controlled 1/14 Scale Range Rover is authentically detailed with all of the opulence and dependability of its real life cousin.

Are you fed up with rc cars that look like they're a twelve year old's attempt at drawing a real car? Do you wish that you could own a remote controlled car that looks and drives like a real car? Look no further than this beautifully designed and professionally engineered miniature Range Rover. It comes complete with a trigger gun type controller to give you full control over your car without compromising on precision or fidelity. It even has the beautiful glossy paint style that its larger cousins have, and its interior and exterior are detailed to the highest degree.

Available in black, red or silver, this gorgeous example of the best of therc cars makes a perfect present for you or your loved one. It'll not only be sure to set you apart from the rest of the racing crowd, it's also certain to give you a remote controlled car that is fast, dependable and beautiful.

Rastar Radio Controlled 1/14 Scale Range Rover Specifications:

  • Full function radio controlled
  • Forward, reverse, stop, left and right
  • Adjustable front wheel alignment
  • Trigger gun type controller
  • Detailed interior and exterior
  • Glossy exterior paint
  • Please note, if you plan on running multiple products together, ask for multiple frequencies when ordering to avoid any mix ups.

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