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Himoto Raider 1/8 Scale Brushless Monster Truck

Whatever sort of terrain you want to tear up -sand, earth or stones – this monster among rc cars will handle it. Its gigantic 1/8 scale size makes it stand head and shoulders above most other radio controlled vehicles – in terms of size and speed! Its gigantic 3674 2075kv motor means that it rockets above its competitors and leaves them in the dust.

With a monster set of big bore, oil filled, fully adjustable shock absorbers and a fully independent set of front and rear suspension that would put most other rc cars to shame, this gigantic beast of a car even features adjustable camber, toe, roll center, and many other tuning options, too.

Himoto Raider 1/8 Scale Brushless Monster Truck Features and Specifications:

  • Hardened ionized materials are used for all joints and wheel axles
  • Ultra-tough, specially formulated plastic nylon materials are used
  • All hard ionized steel differential gears
  • High speed ball bearings as standard
  • All differential and suspension components are filled with high quality silicone oils.
  • 1.1V 2700mah Li-Po Battery
  • 2.4ghz Transmitter and Receiver
  • 11.1v 2700mah Battery Pack
  • 3674 2075kv Motor
  • S8A 80amp Brushless ESC
  • 9KG Metal Geared Servo
  • Length: 596mm
  • Width: 403mm
  • Height: 248mm
  • Wheelbase: 370mm

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