Himoto Racing 1/10 7.2v Off Road Electric Buggy Blue Lightning


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The Himoto Racing 1/10 Zmoto 7.2v Off Road Electric Buggy Blue Lightning is a model that's as popular as it is supremely powerful!

As far as rc cars go, the Blue Lightning really is the cream of the crop. It's equipped with a high speed 540 motor and a body that's designed to withstand tough impacts and crashes. With anti-skid tires and a four wheel drive system, you can even take the race off road and its colourful, eye-catching design means that you'll never have to choose between style and performance. Throughout its whole body, the Blue Lightning features full ball bearings and it comes complete with a three speed pistol type controller, too.

Its suspension arms even have an adjustable width to them, making this buggy customisable to the max! We know much of a problem radio difficulties can be with rc cars sometimes, too, and so the Blue Lightning utilises a SP-03018 Electronic Speed Control system that ensures an easy and quick response whilst making sure radio interference is kept to a minimum. It's hard to say that anyone who's purchased one of these buggys hasn't... well... been struck by lightning!

Himoto Racing 1/10 Zmoto 7.2v Off Road Electric Buggy Blue Lightning Specifications:

  • Length : 400mm (15.75')
  • Width : 250mm (9.85')
  • Height : 160mm (6.3')
  • Wheelbase : 275mm (10.8')
  • Gear Ratio: 8.038:1
  • Motor : RC540
  • Diameter of Wheel: Front: 86mm (3.4') * 32 mm (1.25'), Rear: 86mm (3.4')*40mm (1.57')

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