Heng Long 1-16 Scale US M41A3 RC Tank


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A real US tank legend comes to the RC world with the Heng Long 1-16 Scale US M41A3 RC Tank.

An RC tank that can handle any challenge, the M41A3 has it all, and can also shoot plastic BB pellets from its main turret. It comes with three frequencies, allowing you to use several other tanks alongside it, and is intricately and beautifully detailed to look just like a real M41A3 tank.

The maximum climbing gradient of 35 degrees on this RC tank mean that no challenge is too much for it. Its caterpillar tracks also mean that it can overcome a variety of challenging environments and is at home in problematic terrain.

Heng Long 1/16 Scale US M41A3 RC Tank Features and Specifications:

  • Size: 20" x 9" x 8"
  • Factory pre-assembled, Ready to run<
  • 3 frequencies
  • Full function: Forward, backward, turn left and right, 320 degree turret rotation
  • Shoots Plastic BB pellets
  • Max vertical turning angle for the gun is 20 degree
  • Max fire range for the BB is 25M
  • Max load of shells is 40
  • Max climbing gradient 35 degree
  • 7.2V 1700mAH rechargable battery pack for the tank
  • Battery charger
  • Remote Controller (powerd by AA batteries but AA batteries are NOT INCLUDED)
  • 1 box of 250 ct Balls included
  • Instruction manual

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