German Tiger 1/16 Scale Remote Control BB Firing Tank


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Own the famous German terror in your own living room! It's the German Tiger 1/16 Scale Remote Control BB Firing Tank.

Heng Long have a reputation for high quality products, but this brilliant RC tank really sets itself apart thanks to its beautiful design and awesome features. Its main gun fires BB pellets up to 25 metres, and the full suspension set means that it's perfectly poised to overcome environmental obstacles and challenges.

Up to 40 BB pellets can be stored in the tank's turret, and this wonderful RC tank can fire whilst stationary or mobile. As you'd expect from Heng Long, this vehicle is intricately and beautifully detailed, looking just like a real Tiger tank, and its multiple radio channel features mean that you can use more than one tank at the same time in the Tiger's vicinity.

Heng Long German Tiger 1/16 Scale RC BB Firing Tank Features and Specifications:

  • This tank moves forward / backward, turns and pivot turns.
  • Turret rotation and raising / lowering of gun can also be controlled.
  • Large-scale realism and precise detailing can be enjoyed with this model.
  • Automatic electric gun system with safety features
  • Full range of movement functionsRun more than one at the same time!
  • L: 480mm W: 220mm H: 180mm Rechargeable battery and charger included

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