1/43 Mercedes Benz GLK Radio Controlled Car


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Now you can own an authentic and lifelike radio controlled car that looks like it's come off of a showroom floor with the 1/43 Mercedes Benz GLK Radio Controlled Car. It's a model which combines tasteful aesthetics with top quality performance.

You could easily be forgiven for thinking that rc cars these days look a lot as though they're aimed and geared solely towards little children. However, models like this elegant and gorgeously designed miniature Mercedes car prove that such thoughts are completely misplaced. It's got a wonderful white finish to it and is intricately and ornately detailed, both in terms of its interior and exterior.

Equipped with a top notch control system to ensure that it communicates seamlessly with your controller, this model promises superb performance no matter where you decide to race it. Electric rc cars like this are also easy to use and great for beginners and professionals alike. With this lifelike Mercedes, though, you can really set bystanders' gazes going with a remote controlled car that truly is the cream of the crop, just like a real Mercedes.

1/43 Mercedes Benz GLK Radio Controlled Car Specifications:

  • Beautiful white finish
  • Easy to use electric power system
  • Tasteful detailing inside and out

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