1:10 4WD Off Road Baja Splat Attack Red RC Car


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For a dazzling combination of top notch performance and jaw dropping style, the 1:10 4WD Off Road Baja Splat Attack Red cannot be beat.

Home to some genuinely shock proof front and rear suspension sets, this colourful member of the Baja Splat Attack series also has a powerful RC540 motor with anodized aluminium heatproof guard cover underneath its bonnet, making this an off road buggy that's as powerful as it is shock proof. Control or radio problems need never be an issue again, either, because this buggy comes equipped with a 2.4 Ghz pistol controller and extra large anodized aluminium radio tray as standard.

Even better, high performance front and rear differentials are included, too, along with a complete set of anti-skid off road knobby tires and smart wheel trims – beautiful and capable! This top quality off road buggy also features eight oil filled, aluminium capped shocks to dampen Mother Nature's impact and brings two width enforced front and rear bumpers along with it, too. As you can see, 1:10 4WD Off Road Baja Splat Attack Red is more than just a pretty face.

1:10 4WD Off Road Baja Splat Attack Red Specifications:

  • Length:400mm
  • Width:300mm
  • Height:160mm
  • Wheelbase:275mm
  • Track:185mm(F/R)
  • Gear Ratio:10.3:1
  • ground clearance:30mm
  • Weight:Approx.1530g
  • Wheel:118mm(Diameter),52mm(Width)
  • Motor:RC540
  • Battery:7.2V,1800mAH(Ni-MH)or above

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